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Started as a debated topic – ‘Masks – A compulsion or An Option’ has seen an end in the last month. People, who considered wearing a mask as a distant idea have now come to terms with the necessity of it. Experts from all over the world are stressing on cultivating the habit of wearing a mask and the current challenge has seen us accept it gracefully.

And why is that? Because wearing a mask not only reduces risks for the wearer but also reduces the risk of infecting human beings around us. Every person must possess the social etiquette to take responsibility. If a simple task, such as putting on a mask has proved to be effective in curbing this Humanitarian Crisis, without hesitation it should be followed.

It is very important for us to be responsible enough to reach out for the regular non-medical masks leaving the medical /N95 masks for the doctors, nurses and other front line health workers handling patients first hand .

The world is slowly getting used to donning a piece of cloth on the face on a daily basis, while stepping out for any kind of essential errand. We know that the idea of using masks is here to stay for sometime atleast.

Some countries of the world are currently expediting the process of producing masks. There has been a surge worldwide in the demand for it.

During our last few days in office before the Lockdown, the team used the little time we had on our hands to brainstorm ideas to create masks for ourselves and in the process perfecting the pattern and fit of it and made few for ourselves which we have been using for the last one month. Foreseeing it as a requirement, we started briefing our karigar’s for making more of these beautiful 100% handloom cotton, washable, reversible masks.The first batch of which we have distributed in our immediate neighborhood to the front end staff handing essential goods and services.

We have perfected the skill and paced up production for the next lot of masks to be made available to customers. Our main motive was to keep the livelihood going for the karigar’s and other production staff associated with Prathaa,in the process, create and supply breathable fabric masks, comfortable in fit and feel whilst making the best possible use of the items we had in hand – our pre-retail scrap.

Creative thinking has allowed this usual commodity to be transformed into a fashionable item too. It helps Fashion brands connect with people and break the monotony that revolves around the mask. 


Prathaa was one of the first few Fashion Brands to take initiative to provide masks to people all over the country. We are overwhelmed with the response from customers on various platforms. With your support, we feel encouraged to do more and more for the social good. We are all in this together and let us do our bit and emerge out of it happier and stronger.

As we continue to ponder on more ideas for these times, we urge you to shop the masks from our Website

  • Apr 27
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