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Settled down in the first few days … Adapting is something the current circumstance is teaching us. These challenging times have birthed the cook, the plumber, the electrician out of each one of us! Managing and planning efficiently with limited available resources. Planning, Strategy and Human Relations put to best use. We are definitely in the process of developing new set of skills- at the  physical, mental and spiritual level after quarantine and it is magical to see what time can do. Also the realization of the new “NEW” – it is a space where the very basic is good enough to sustain, where we value relationships,where we will emerge as more empathetic, patient …. Or whatever, the thought itself is so empowering and uplifting.


My heart goes out to the daily wage earners with limited resources, the ones away from home, the medics and the other front end staff who are risking their lives helping patients battle the Covid-19, the police maintaining order, spreading awareness on the risks of the pandemic and also the building security and housekeeping team, vegetable vendor, grocer, chemist ….all of them working relentlessly and selflessly to keep our regular lives going. They are out there doing their bit so that we stay safe at home .It also amazes me to see literate people behave like illiterates unable do their bit to help address such a huge cause, to simply stay comfortable in their cozy home and feel blessed . Yes it is as easy as that …


Of course, it has been very hard on the business front... The feeling of uncertainty and anxiety looms over me. Everyday is a challenge to figure out how we sustain the business and also make sure our family of weavers, artisans and  employees,and of course my dream baby “Prathaa - Weaving Traditions” does not get impacted by the “after effect” of this pandemic . Now, is the time more than any other time that we stand by each other. As I have been speaking to few of my friends and colleagues, co-entrepreneurs assuring that somewhere deep within I get the strength of seeing this through. No logic at work here, only gut, knowing that we have each other and this is only going to get better. Once again, I let the Heart take over my Head with no regrets. Nothing lasts forever and we will emerge as much evolved beings after all this.


“The earth is healing and so are we.”   

Love,Heal,Balance …..

  • Apr 23
  • |
  • Prathaa Weaving Traditions

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