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About Us


Prathaa (tradition) is a celebration of exquisite handcrafted fabrics that emerge from the heart of India and breathe, flow and speak of the country’s textile heritage. The brand believes in nurturing and preserving the Art and Weaves of India. It creates easy to wear, distinctive and appealing contemporary fusion fashion.

Unique in its use of weaves, design touches, Prathaa excels in showcasing its fabrics.The brand embodies the modern urban woman, who welcomes change and innovation and is aware of her rich historical inheritance. It represents every woman who has embraced the past with respect, enjoys the present with abandon and looks to the future with optimism.

Our team at Prathaa looks to translate the inherent honesty and hard work of the Indian artisans into modern edgy clothes, rejoicing in colour, cut and quirk. To translate the pride that a craftsman feels on seeing their imagination come to life in warp and weft - into clothes that give solace. We believe in abiding by the sense of fair play while dealing with weavers, customers, vendors/associates and employees. It translates into good karma.Team Prathaa believes in making customers look good and feel better in comfortably distinct designs.




Prathaa essays a sharp edginess in its designs, a modern take on age-old fabrics, making both the design wearable and stylish at the same time. It derives inspiration from the essence of being a woman, of the gypsy, the wild-child, the mother earth and even Shakti herself. Our clothes look to incorporate qualities of the woman of today and showcase her versatility and beauty with the quintessential Indian feel. Each Prathaa design goes through an elaborate birthing process and has a distinct story to tell. Adhering to our commitment towards using 100% natural and breathable fabrics, we use the same to bring forth eye-catching styles. Aware that the Prathaa woman is busy, our design philosophy helps to keep it functional and real. Minimalistic designs and innovative silhouettes form the core of the Prathaa ensemble. In a design palette that is always evolving, our focus is sharply on the quality and celebrating the uniqueness of fabrics used, rather than being just a trend follower. Since the Prathaa women are unique, we keep a sharp eye on detailing,finishing and of course rigorous quality checks ensuring the perfection in their outfit. With every purchase of Prathaa design, we respect the trust our patrons place on us and our work, a trust that we intend to safeguard. With over four decades of collective experience, the team brings together expertise and finesse. While you can always expect a pleasant surprise from the team that brings in a variety of experience, the challenge lies in keeping in line with the core sensibilities and design strategy,

Sukanya Bhataacharya, Founder: Prathaa - weaving traditions says , “I feel fashion is the collective voice of a generation. Sometimes, that voice speaks the language of style, and sometimes that of colour, but the unspoken underlying need is always that of comfort. As a brand, we speak to this generation by keeping ourselves current and by constantly innovating and keeping our finger on the pulse. The Indian fashion industry, like its overseas counterpart, is veering towards sustainable and minimalistic fashion. There is consciousness now to create wealth for the artists at the grassroots, the karigars/weavers/artisans to make a positive difference in their lives. Our purpose is to tread lightly and leave a little carbon footprint. With the pace of life and the number of things we all want to fit into each day, minimal and breathable clothing is the go-to choice.”