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….the aroma and emotion of the celebrations around Pujo. 


Durga Puja - an emotion

Pujo goes much beyond just the religious significance - it is a mood set months in advance - comprising of bonding over food, dressing up, and much more. 

One month away from the annual community festival of the Bengalis, our heart and mind have started vibrating to the rhythm of “Dhaak” , relaxing in the aroma of “Dhuno”. The thought of dressing up to mostly red and white with specks of color here and there, digging into yummy authentic food, even while sitting at home with a small group of friends, watching Pujo on zoom, while maintaining all protocols of safety norms.

In the last two years, life has been restricted to selective entertainment where we have started valuing these festivities and the activities around them that would bring us together as a community.

The trigger to this article?

The sheer enthusiasm of our Prathaa - Weaving Traditions , and their excitement to start their “pujor bazaar” was the first step to set them in the Pujo mood. That is how we thought of bringing together Prathaa’s bengali durga puja look in one place. Include sustainable eco-friendly clothing in your festive wardrobe and be a part of our conscious fashion journey.

So while you always enjoy online shopping with Prathaa - Weaving Traditions, this time we are traveling to Kolkata with our goodie bag of creations which comprises handloom sarees and readymade cotton blouses, sustainable handloom formal midi and maxi dresses for women, cotton tunic tops, skirts, and jackets, and much more.

Here’s re-visiting a few of our Pujo specials of sustainable ethical clothing which are usually seen making rounds of the pandals or have been recently created with a similar visualization.

Let’s get into the Pujo Shopping or the “Pujo-r” bazaar mood 


Sarees and Blouses 

The Prathaa - Weaving Traditions Signature bindi handloom cotton red and white sarees for Durga Puja available both in linen and mulmul, top the list when it comes to the original yet unique Pujo look.

These have also been co-created along with our weavers of Bengal into exclusive Jamdani Bindi Sarees both in Black and Red  and White and Red  

Along with this, we have the Prathaa - Weaving Traditions frill bindi sarees, which emanate a different level of strength in the very look of it, teamed with the handloom cotton sleeveless blouse . Each saree is different in this frill saree collection.

Take a look at the exclusive and limited saree collection from Prathaa - Weaving Traditions

This is best teamed with the traditional-looking readymade handloom cotton blouse designs by Prathaa - Weaving Traditions, in frills with different sleeve lengths and styles like “Ghoti haata” , straight elbow length, and many other options.

The Frill blouses in Red and White Khesh …


We have the Nodi handloom jamdani blouse which can also be styled beautifully with this one. A slightly more exploratory mind can style this saree with any of the Prathaa - Weaving Traditions blouses, as a contrast to create the right impact inside-out.


Not sure of how comfortable you are to drape a saree? These ready-to-wear sarees are a solution for you here. Easy to drape - comfortable to stay all day in it and gives you the exact look of a saree . These are made in eco-friendly uncycled Khesh weave.


Want to get slightly more quirky and adventurous? Go for the Dhoti drapes ...Quirk, Fun, Style ...all at once.

Traditionally Conventional 

Want to move away from the saree/blouse look and yet feel the Pujo vibe?

Check this Triple Flare "Debi" Durga puja dress 2021 in our Signature weave or the "Siddhat" blouse on handloom Malkha. 

Anything from our Bindi collections across all adaptations automatically connects you to the Pujo mood - be it the applique embroidery, jamdani motif, or the most recent Malkha collection. 

Also the Prerna collection which weaves in the traditional garment silhouettes of Kutch into slightly contemporary cuts and fits, and all of this done in the richness of Ajrakh hand block printing. You get Shararas to Reversible skirts, Blouses to layered dresses, appropriate for the festivals.

Takeaway - Embrace sustainability even during the festivals by investing in organic handloom cotton elegance. Stand out from the crowd responsibly by being conscious and mindful of your buying habits.

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