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A festive vibe is in the air and we at Prathaa - Weaving Traditions are sensing the happiness along with the positive shift in buying mood and celebrations.

Amidst all these celebrations, let’s stay committed to the lifestyle we are invested in. On this note here are a few pointers to re-iterate the top 3 top easiest ways to continue your journey of being a conscious shopper. 


Who Made My Clothes 

Stay conscious and mindful of knowing the brand and people behind it, ensuring their value system is strong on social and environmental relevance. Even if they are not full-proof sustainable, but at least believe it and work towards the same. The intentions and little baby steps towards a bigger authentic goal are all that matter.

Gradually adding on sustainable eco-friendly clothing, which follows the ethical fashion metrics, takes us one step closer to our goal every day.

More Wear per Garment

Invest in garments, which you can visualize styling in multiple ways, be sure of the quality and the wash care to ensure more wear per garment. Find ways of accessorizing sustainable womenswear to make them look different every time.


“Hand me Down” and Upcycle

Figure out a process of “hand-me-downs” to that cousin, friend, or support staff who always admired your sense of dressing. 

Also figure out innovative ways of up-cycling your existing garment like modifying kurta into stylish tops, handloom saree into scarf/dupatta or even curtains, etc. From formal, midi, maxi dresses to cotton handloom tunics for women, organic handloom tops to cotton sarees, even skirts for women, everything has its a way of creative DIY up cycling.

Prathaa - Weaving Tradition's Festive Wear for women

We have conceived and created our current fusion ethnic festive wear, a capsule collection for women keeping all of this in mind. 

In this edit, we have brought forward the handmade craftsmanship of our team of artisans from  Ajrakhpur in Bhuj. The hand-block-printed Ajrakh is the predominant element along with some plain handloom cotton.

We have played around with interesting colors, hand block prints, and silhouettes. Flare and Fall have been the highlight and keeping them fluid and easy with the richly comfortable mul ajrakh weave. Maintaining our harmony of the contemporary designs with traditional crafts, and staying socially and environmentally conscious at the same time, 

The design brief to ourselves while creating this was to innovate on individual pieces which can enhance the festive teaming up, while the individual pieces can also be styled for a more casual look on the non-festive days ...however, celebrating ourselves every day.

Our design range shifts from Dhoti drapes with halter or spaghetti blouses as festive wear for ladies to half sarees, sharara jacket sets to tunics, festive dresses, and skirt dresses. Each piece of these sets is uniquely and attentively designed to serve its purpose in multiple ways.

Here are the blouses, styled differently every time ..

As always, upcycling is a foundation rock for many of our garments and accessories, like the patchwork headband, jacket, and scarf.

We have also introduced the concept of reversible garments and skirt dress concept that can be worn as a skirt as well as spaghetti and off-shoulder dress, which again automatically renders more wear per garment.

Book your sustainable and eco-friendly festive wear for women online from our website.

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