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Handloom cotton apparels created with love,truly love you. They shine through their colors, embrace you with their fabrics, and dress you up for the day. All these pre-admired clothes deserve to be loved and cherished as they are a part of your identity. They should be taken care of, worn to full use, and flaunted as a part of your individuality. 

With the advent of increasing consumerism and omnichannel marketing, shopping has become easier than ever before. With limitless options available in the market and ever-changing fashion fads, you can get your hands on new clothing items with just a few clicks. Often this leads to unworn garments in our wardrobe - maybe they grow out of size, or they were just some impulse purchases we didn’t find the right occasion for. These clothes deserve a new home, a new lover, someone who looks at them just like you did.

These unloved but nice vintage clothes get tossed into landfills even in good condition. This can lead to significant environmental damage, where the fashion industry is already one of the biggest polluters. The fast fashion industry is responsible for a whopping 10% of global carbon emissions. These alarming facts require us to look for solutions and help heal the Earth.

The concept of reselling is one such solution taking the fashion industry as step closer to sustainability. While donating old and pre owned clothes is always a good idea, it may not always be feasible, especially when we buy expensive and unique items which, for some reason, never get used. Yet, we can’t convince ourselves to part with it. Reselling ensures that the piece will find someone who values and utilizes it to its total capacity. This small act of circular fashion has a long term impact on being eco friendly in a very simple and convenient way .

Getting a certain amount of money back on these pre-loved clothes helps you feel less guilty about your shopping, and easier to part ways with a piece that will be more appreciated by someone else who loves classic vintage clothing. Clothes made in handloom cotton and follow sustainable fashion norms .


Reselling or thrift shopping isn’t a new concept. Although thrift stores have existed for a long time, online thrift stores have become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic. 

Quite often, thrift stores need help to guarantee the condition of their clothes or provide accurate product details. In addition, they are usually unorganized, and people see them with much doubt and suspicion.  

Relove is one such resale platform that lets you buy and sell verified, pre-loved garments in an organized, trusted way. The garments are checked for defects through images, and the selling price is calculated accordingly. When you buy a preloved garment from Relove, it is examined, approved, and uploaded for sale with all the product details by the original brand itself. 

We at Prathaa - Weaving Traditions collaborated with Relove to give a new life to our preloved garments. Prathaa - Weaving Traditions X Relove is a space to buy and sell verified, preloved garments from Prathaa - Weaving Traditions. Every garment resold helps save six times its weight in CO2. 

You can even get your hands on pieces from our previous collections that are no longer available at discounted prices. Most preloved garments are barely worn, with just a styling or a sizing issue. You can choose to love a unique piece worthy of your love. 

This also means that every piece you buy from Prathaa - Weaving Traditions has a resale value. Our garments can be resold on our website to other Prathaa - Weaving Traditions customers who appreciate the clothes we make and the values of eco friendly sustainable fashion that we strive to convey with them. Prathaa - Weaving Traditions X Relove community is a small family which has introduced a resale button in a world full of buy now. Now you can resell your Prathaa - Weaving Traditions garments and buy someone else’s.

We have also launched a ‘Rescue’ option. You can rescue and love even the sample pieces or just single sizes left in stock, that too at a better price. Giving a second chance to these clothes is an excellent step towards doing your part for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion while valuing the complexity behind making these clothes. 

Head to our Relove space to check out handloom cotton dresses, co-ords, tops, and bottoms in jamdani, ajrakh, khesh,kala cotton and many more Indian heritage weaves, translated into contemporary silhouettes, waiting for your love. And if you have a Prathaa - Weaving Traditions garment that doesn’t work for you – it takes only 60 seconds to find a new lover.

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