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Wearing clothes and loving fashion is something we definitely cannot wipe off from our daily lives in spite of the challenges that the fashion industry along with many other industries pose to the environment. It is important to be aware of how mindfully we consume them making a huge difference and impact on the overall challenging scenario. 

However, with similar faith, instead of waiting for things to get better or worse, many brands, designers, consumers and activists have chosen to work towards a more sustainable future by taking little conscious steps in the functioning of their daily lives. Much thanks to the many great producers who have chosen to use movies on eco-friendly clothes as a platform for effecting change and raising attention to environmental and social issues. 

Here is a list of 5 documentaries on sustainable fashion that you can watch to get a better idea of how much the inexpensive and stylish clothing actually costs and what steps can be taken for effective results. 


The True Cost




Andrew Morgan's documentary The True Cost is among the most established and influential movies on the truth of fashion. The 2015 video describes the journey across the world to meet the individuals who design clothing for the fashion industry.

This is the film that transformed the attitudes of a lot of fashionistas. It's a documentary examining the influence of clothing manufacturing on the earth and its inhabitants. The title lets the reader know that when purchasing clothing, particularly inexpensive and throwaway items, the total cost is frequently not represented in the selling value. 


Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion



This documentary about fast fashion from 2016 specifically looked at the business and its massive human and ecological costs. Ben Akers, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, shows the devastating consequences of our throwaway handloom dress material.

Apparel created for a low price maintains employees in factories and employs man-made components which will harm the environment for generations. Alex James highlights the increasing number of customers demanding change and sustainable fashion.



Unravel explores the least valuable garments of the Western world on a trip through Northern India, from the shore to the industrial heartland. They're sent off to Panipat, a tiny hamlet that's the only location on the planet that desires them, where they'll be recycled into yarn. 

Reshma is a brilliant, curious lady who works in a clothing recycling facility in small-town India and speculates about exploring the enormous miles that the clothing she works with have travelled.


The Next Black

Our garments are changing as a result of new technology, environmental concerns, and creative minds. The documentary film The Next Black showcases the manufacturers, inventors, and visionaries who are transforming the fashion industry. Every one of these environmentally friendly clothing companies is aiming to reduce the fashion industry's ecological footprint.



The movie will undoubtedly inspire you to simplify your belongings. However, it sows the seed for future buying transactions. In other words, there's no use in purchasing a lot of clothing and other items that you don't need or desire. Or even to bring on vacation in luggage. Customers are always being taught to purchase extra whether it's clothing, cosmetics, or whatever else when, in reality, we really shouldn't.

Nowadays, quite a few small and sustainable fashion brands have come to sell eco-friendly clothing. So, whenever you do online shopping, remember to explore the collections and stories of such brands. Not just sustainable men's and women's clothing is available but even sustainable kid's clothing is there to buy.

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