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My daily breath of fresh air happens during  that one trip downstairs, to walk my furry baby , along with distributing Glucose water and masks to the front end staff. Walking down the lanes of the locality which is empty now has become a rarity and whenever I do ,my eyes flutter towards the shutters down of the shops around. I look around, as my soul always likes to explore, observe, discover ,looking out for stories…I like to. The area, the entire City of dream has transformed into a ghost town, something of the sort that I’ve never encountered in my lifetime. The people on the roads have become scarce,with fear, uncertainity, doubt written all over their face; the faces of the patrol team have become familiar.The only face to face interactions from a distance that remain are a handful of daily hawkers. If I don’t see them on the day I step out, I worry. I wonder where they are and hope that they are safe.

It was almost a month back , the first week of April that I walked down to my office…..a right, a right again and down down the slope. The same routine of turns and bends but feels so different now.  The emptiness engulfed me as I entered office , but I finished the work I had gone for followed by some cleaning and watering the green babies. I paused …feeling numb, made my cup of coffee,changed the calendar to April and just sat silently allowing my chain of thoughts to flow ……even my favorite colourful hand made out of Tyres, work table failed to add any happy color to my thoughts. It all seemed so new and I was blank, with no clue of where this was leading to and how to adjust to all this.


I stared out of the window with my breath as the only companion and, it all came back to me. I had calm inside me, I knew all the toil and hard work was not for nothing. Something told me, this is going to get better. It gave me the confidence to stay positive.Spent two long hours silently here simply sitting, breathing, collecting my thoughts..

Since then, my mind just roams about in admiration and love for the nooks and crannies of my cozy little workspace, not knowing what exactly am I looking for …maybe hope. I close my eyes and can see the team scurrying about and hear the buzz of the machines,can smell and feel my fabrics and it’s creations changing shape.

With every emotional ourburst, there is a round of leveling or balancing which follows , and this got re-established by what followed 2 days later .The landlord of my office space, who I hardly know calls me, assuring that it was okay if I wish to delay my rent payment by a couple of months , until business bounces back to normal .Help came from the least expected place!!! Yes and this was my definition of hope .

I remember the first time I came to review the place, when I was looking out for an office cum workshop area and I just knew this was it. This place is my crazy happy creative space and has changed my life for the best. Along with the garments we create here , we also keep exploring handmade DIY options to decorate the space and it unarguably is a reflection of me.

These tiny bits have filled me with immense love. They’ve unfolded one after the other to give me the strength and goad me on. Everyone around me has been so supportive and I’m grateful that I can share the story of this emotional journey .

  • May 01
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  • Prathaa Weaving Traditions

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