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Reversible Handloom Cotton-Khesh, Ajrakh Scarf

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Key Features :  Handloom Cotton , Khesh, Ajrakh, Upcycled, Eco - Friendly , Sustainable, Natural Dyed  Description : Reversible  Scarf, Handloom Cotton with khesh stripe detailing & Ajrakh print at...

Black & Maroon

Key Features :

 Handloom Cotton , Khesh, Ajrakh, Upcycled, Eco - Friendly , Sustainable, Natural Dyed 

Description :

Reversible  Scarf, Handloom Cotton with khesh stripe detailing & Ajrakh print at reverse.

Styling tip :

This Versatile Scarf can be  styled with dress, top, Jumpsuit. 

Fabric Write up :

Handloom fabrics are crafted on loom where the artisan adds each warp and weft by hand. Due to human handling of the weave, the fabric is softer. Hand woven cotton is more breathable in nature. It means that it allows more air penetration and is absorbent, in turn keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We believe that Handloom fabrics are a lifestyle,making a strong value statement ! Prathaa works more and more each day to promote and support revival of Handloom weaves,carrying the love and emotions woven in each piece of fabric.


The handloom Khesh weave has been very close to our hearts building our sustainability story stronger.

The exploration and understanding started when the team visited West Bengal’s Birbhum district. The weavers there collect cotton saree’s and the women patiently tear the sari into multiple long strips.

The thin strips are then incorporated into new fabric. The weaver sits intently on his Hand Loom machine twisting and adding the thin strips of the sarees to fresh warp threads, to create the new and up-cycled Khesh weave.

The fabric develops stripes that can sometimes differ in color meter to meter. The “beautiful irregularity” is precisely its uniqueness.


Ajrakh is a resist block-printing technique native to Ajrakhpur, in Bhuj, Gujarat historically connecting to the Indus Valley Civilization. The fabric is created through traditional vegetable dyeing by using natural and organic substances like indigo, madder, harde powder, pomegranate seeds and others to dye the fabric. Ajrakh’s intricate motifs and patterns are achieved through one of the most sophisticated block printing techniques. It goes through 21 complex steps and can take up to 2 weeks to accomplish.

The feel and smell of the fabric is so rich that it is not questionable why the weave is special.


 Specifications :          


 Handloom cotton - khesh & Ajrakh


Black   & Maroon 

Garment Length

2 Meter 



Sleeve Type


Sleeve Length




Wash Care

Dry Clean Only




All Occasion


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1. Dry Clean for the first 2-3 washes.
2. Only hand wash,when washing at home.
3.Wash in cold water. 4. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
5.Wear it with a lot of love,
Please note the beauty of handwoven naturally dyed weaves is in the irregularity.
So, some gentle care is always good .