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NATKHAT:- Indigo & Red sleeveless Frock

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Key Features :  Sustainable clothing, Hand block prints, Kids clothing Description : The shoulder cut frock has been designed and made in two different contrast prints and colours to enhance...

Indigo & Coral

Key Features :

 Sustainable clothing, Hand block prints, Kids clothing

Description :

The shoulder cut frock has been designed and made in two different contrast prints and colours to enhance the quirkiness of the look. It has V-shaped neckline at the front and the back has the zipper opening. Dori and tassels detailings are there at both the side seams that gives freedom to the kids to tightened the waist. It has thread embroideries at the front in multi-coloured thread. 

Styling tip :

Pair it with a short jacket

Fabric Write up :


Bagru is a village in Rajasthan, where bagru printing is practised by Chippa’s. The Chippa’s have indigenous methods of preparing the cloth and printing the fabrics, a process that has been passed down from generation to generation going back at least 300 years.

They follow both direct and resist dyeing techniques. Dipping blocks into color and stamping them with a thump of the hand to ensure a strong print on the fabric, is something that is done daily in the village of Bagru.

Bagru Printing is one of the most traditional techniques of block printing. The motifs are developed on the fabric using natural colours.


A 100-year-old technique, 15-22 processes,25-40 pairs of hands, and at least,65 hours spread, over 6 days along with a lot of sand and sand.

Once this long-drawn process was understood, it was in sheer awe of the craftsmanship that Prathaa committed to the Dabu form of hand block printing for their emotionally precious signature Bindi collection, the most awaited collection of the year. This is a mud resist process by using woodblock

This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that started with the block creation in the Bindi motif, deciding on the size, proportion, and many other minor detailing. After the formation of the block, they are dipped in oil to prevent them from cracking in the process.

The handloom cotton fabrics are cut into 6 mtrs each and soaked for 2-4 days to ensure better absorption of colour . The fabric is scoured and dried in sandy soil. printing begins with alum followed by a few days of drying in the sun. This printed fabric is then washed in running water and then simmered in large copper vessels so that it holds the colour . 

The fabric is again dried in the sun on dried sandy soil. Fabric is now sorted for mud resist , and applied to parts of the fabric. and again dried in the sun, followed by the dyeing process and drying in the sun. The final product after printing, mud resist and dyeing is ready.

 Specifications :          


 Dabu & Bagru 


 Indigo & Coral 

Garment Length

24'' - 26''



Sleeve Type


Sleeve Length


Wash Care


Dry Clean only 




 All Occasion

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1. Dry Clean for the first 2-3 washes.
2. Only hand wash,when washing at home.
3.Wash in cold water. 4. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
5.Wear it with a lot of love,
Please note the beauty of handwoven naturally dyed weaves is in the irregularity.
So, some gentle care is always good .

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