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Comfort Wear


 Handloom Cotton and Comfort sounds synonymous. While Prathaa has been creating comfortable ,chic and multifunctional clothing always but it is the g. . . Show More

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 Handloom Cotton and Comfort sounds synonymous. While Prathaa has been creating comfortable ,chic and multifunctional clothing always but it is the global pandemic and multiple lockdown experiences that has made COMFORT WEAR our go-to clothing and everyone’s favorite when we are partially or fully staying and functioning from home now . 

From Managing work , home chores, a casual stroll etc … comfy home outfits has become a way of life and balm to the chaotic mind and soul . Comfortable clothing is a need for every individual, men & women, young boys and girls, little children, everyone! Professionals require comfortable yet formal clothing while working from home, also while finishing chores at home, a quick step out in the neighbourhood to fetch essentials etc. or a quick spin in the car. Children need comfortable wear to last them a whole day of in-house activities, from virtual school to cooking experiments at home. Similarly, people in different spheres of life demanded a more casual and relaxed version of their existing wardrobe – their at home outfits

Let’s check it out!

  • Kaftans
  • We cannot talk about fashion during lockdown without mentioning everyone’s favorite Kaftans! It is a favorite for a reason, though; it suits every body type; for anyone and everyone, Kaftan is a go-to. Furthermore, the versatility of this style is limitless; it can be worn as a shirt over shorts, or as a tunic over leggings or as a maxi dress.  Trust us; Kaftans are a minimalist’s haven!

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  • Organic Cotton Tops
  • Have you been indulging in handloom tops as much as we have? It’s an addiction hard to get off. We have never found comfort this close to perfection while we hang in there the entire day. Buying a size bigger will not give you a push back but bring in the comfort to work extra hours expected during the lockdown days. There are multiple ways to style it; a straightforward way of doing it is adding a belt to make it look stylish and appropriate while working from home and getting rid of the belt once you are done with the workday!

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  • Skirts
  • Free moving legs with room for air during summers are a must even when you are at home. Skirts for women come in a range of fabrics, prints, and, most importantly, lengths. So you can easily choose one that can suit your needs. Comfort is a given, and skirts bring in the versatility of being styled in multiple ways to keep your fashionable too. 

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  • Handloom Tunics
  • A choice you can never really go wrong with. Cotton tunic tops can easily suit all sorts of atmosphere — working from home Yes! Casual Dinner party at home? Yes! A quick step out for essentials? Yes again! That being said, you need not necessarily keep it as simple as that; style them with beautiful bohemian accessories to flaunt a more decked up look whenever required. Hence tunics for women are a savior! 

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    •  Palazzo/Harem/ Dhoti - Casual pants for women

    Have you been wearing full bottoms and looking for trends in the same at home? Handloom Cotton pants were just made for you then! Over the years, palazzo came in various materials, mostly polyester, which gives rashes when worn for long but, when you switch them in cotton, you are never going back to track pants. This is purely because of the breathable comfort due to the room in palazzo pants is of a different level! When you plan a cleaning and organising day at home, which involves more physical activity than usual, palazzo/harems is what you wear! Owning one has become a necessity! They can be styled in various unique ways; you can wear them both with a tunic or a crop top sporting two absolutely different looks. There are multiple casual cotton pants options available at prathaa; other than the harems and palazzos, do check them out! It might just be exactly what you needed.

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  • Scarfs/Stoles, Jackets/Capes
  • Emergency meeting in the next two minutes, no worries! Keep your pyjamas and comfort tops but grab a scarf and tie it in a manner that is topping in trends and there you go as a start! Scarfs, therefore, have become a must-have as an emergency video call option. The same goes for capes and casual jackets too. The days of suiting up and leaving for a meeting are long gone. However, you could still sport a unique look for special virtual conferences with a casual jacket on. These pieces are incredibly versatile; they can add layers,  one can easily wear a scarf as a top too. So along with being versatile, they can bring you in touch with your creative side too. They are valuable items of your wardrobe, definitely worth the minimal cost.

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  • Activewear
  • Now more popularly known as athleisure!

    By definition, it means a fabricated style of clothing typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or other casual or social occasions. With minimal to almost no physical outings, a little stretching and simple exercises at home has become a new routine for everyone. Investing in comfortable yet good looking clothing acts as a good investment for such purposes. It can range from Tshirt and shorts to gunjee tops with palazzos, that you can comfortably take a walk in and add a cape jacket to the same while attending an important virtual meeting!

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    Lockdown has taught us a lot, along with understanding casual & sustainable fashion! It has become a lifestyle that shall go a long way. Try out our unique and effortless suggestions, adding value to your purchases so that you feel the worth when you wear them!