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The Semi-winter wear by Prathaa

“Sardi Ki Dhoop”
, the semi-winterwear collection from Prathaa and as the name itself wraps us in a safe, warm, comfortable emotion. An emotion that effortlessly weaves around every design of Prathaa.

Staying socially and environmentally conscious and relevant is the birthing story of every creation of Prathaa. This continues to be the briefing highlight in all of Prathaa’s design/collection along with the core design philosophy of minimalistic comfort, complimenting each one of our Prathaawoman differently with a unique narrative.

“Staying Socially and Environmentally Conscious, in a fun, fashionable manner, is the secret to staying invested in it,” says our Founder, Sukanya Bhataacharya .

Our latest collection, “Sardi Ki Dhoop”  without steering away from the core essence of Prathaa, is an attempt to create cozy, semi winter layers , which can effortlessly continue to be trans-seasonal. In this collection, we challenged our own belief that handloom cotton/ Prathaa designs may not be relevant to the winter wear category. The team stepped out of their comfort zone to create layered garments in the form of capes, jackets, blazers to style your formal, semi-formal, or even casual look. 

3 Top Reasons how "Sardi ki Dhoop" is Sustainable 

  1. Versatile Colours and design: With the versatility of colors and design elements, like this beautiful Khesh Poncho, you enjoy the freedom of multiple styling options. This helps flash a new look every time, gorgeously demonstrated in the Black Trench Coat, increasing the number of “wear per garment” with each one of them. 

This automatically and effortlessly connects back to the sustainable fashion narrative of Prathaa that defines the core essence of their designs.



  1. Reversible Innovation: We have also introduced multiple reversible design options in this collection like in the Reversible Anti Fit Jacket, the Reversible Bottom in the Unisex Grey and Maroon hoodie set, or even the Reversible Scarf.

These Reversible designs are yet another innovative way to contribute to increasing the number of wear per garment providing flexibility in styling, establishing Prathaa’s sustainable fashion story with a creative twist.

  1. Indian Weaves and Art: Prathaa constantly works towards reviving and promoting Indian weaves and art through their designs and collection, celebrating handmade, eco-friendly, and natural ways of creation. 

All of these designs starting from the Ikat Blazer to Khesh Hoodie Jacket, from Reversible Khesh/Ikat Jacket to reversible Handloom Ajrakh scarf,included in Prathaa’s semi-winter wear layer collection “Sardi Ki Dhoop”  adhere to our focus on reviving Indian heritage art and weaves, with the goal of creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the talent behind the scene, our loom artists, while encouraging working in socially and environmentally responsible ways. 

The handloom cotton canvas on which we have created the layering concept maintains the trans-seasonal appeal, leading to multiple wear with innovative styling across seasons, subtly ties back to more wear per garment and Prathaa's sustainable fashion journey.

So let’s stay warm and fashionable in Prathaa’s “ Sardi Ki Dhoop” collection, in a conscious and mindful manner. Stay invested in a sustainable livelihood in your own easy and fun ways, taking small steps every day, in these eco-friendly, fashionable jackets, capes, and long coats for women. This ranges from formal handloom blazer for women to more comfortable semi-formal reversible anti-fit layering options, also handloom cotton khesh Poncho.

Enjoy your online shopping of these layering options which can be worn as formal dresses for women to tunics or tops for women. 

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