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Malkha Bindi Blouse

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Key Features : Malkha, Organic Handloom Cotton,  Sustainable, Zero Waste, Upcycled, Natural Dyed  Description : Off White Checks Bindi Blouse / Crop Top with Concealed Placket & Blue Checks Detailing...

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Key Features :

Malkha, Organic Handloom Cotton,  Sustainable, Zero Waste, Upcycled, Natural Dyed 

Description :

Off White Checks Bindi Blouse / Crop Top with Concealed Placket & Blue Checks Detailing at the hem,  Frill at neck & pleated bell sleeves.

A blouse appropriate for the festive Durga Puja look . This quirky Durga puja blouse design with a subtle element of tradition takes the styling to a unique level.


Styling tip :

Can be Worn as a Crop Top or as a blouse. Versatile styling. 

Fabric Write up :  

We have used Malkha as the base fabric with the Signature Bindi as the highlight created out of pre retails scrap, encouraging the practice of achieving a lesser /sero waste workspace. Staying conscious in our ways to be able to reach our sustainable fashion goal.

Malkha was named to evoke the heyday of mulmul and the revolutionary power of handspun handwoven, Malkha’s mission has been to present an evolved alternative to the industrial model of making cotton, eliminating unnecessary steps in the journey from plant to cloth to preserve the earth and the intrinsic properties of cotton, rather than please the behemoth machines.

The Malkha model of producing handloom cotton revives the local nature, vibrancy, and diversity of the cotton-making process and native cotton species. It seeks to restore handloom cotton to its pre-colonial days of glory. Most significantly of all, it aims to restore dignity and livelihood, and ultimately financial and functional independence, to each producer in the cotton-making chain.

The Malkha insistence on using natural dyes rejuvenates interest in the complex art and science of natural dyeing. At the core of it, cotton is a finicky material, and so are natural dyes. As one Malkha member puts it, the combination of cotton and natural dyes is “... mind-blowingly capricious. Depending on the season, temperature, wind direction, the alignment of the stars, and the mood of polar bears, you get different colored and shaded fabrics. So achieving any kind of uniformity or consistency is not possible. No wonder hardly anyone sticks exclusively to natural dyes”. But we stubbornly do adhering to eco-friendly fashion. And in doing so, we embrace not just the vibrancy and brilliance of natural dyes, we embrace the fickleness of nature and the challenge of restoring dyeing [sic] art - the making of natural dyes and the elaborate preparation of cotton that is required for bright, permanent, washable colors.

What stands out in this fabric is the vibrancy of the colors, the way it drapes and swings. We believe this tremendous response to Malkha is a reflection of people’s intuitive appreciation for its unique qualities – the swing, the drape, the ability to breathe, to absorb, to hold color. Each step in the Malkha process - spinning, weaving, dyeing, and printing - plays a big role in imparting these qualities to the fabric. By handling the delicate cotton fibers gently, by avoiding the force and violence of conventional processing, it retains the springiness of the live fibers all the way into the cloth.


Specifications :          


Malkha Handloom Cotton with upcycled zero waste Bindi Embroidery 


Off White & Indigo 

Garment Length



Round With Frill

Sleeve Type

Pleated Bell Sleeve 

Sleeve Length



Checks with Patchwork

Wash Care

Dry Clean Only




All Occasion

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1. Dry Clean for the first 2-3 washes.
2. Only hand wash,when washing at home.
3.Wash in cold water. 4. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
5.Wear it with a lot of love,
Please note the beauty of handwoven naturally dyed weaves is in the irregularity.
So, some gentle care is always good .